Your Website Ranking Dropped? Here Is What You Can Do

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Website Ranking , No one likes to see a drop whether it is a minor position

loss just on a secondary keyword or a free fall in organic search ranking.

It is nearly impossible to stop such fluctuations, considering that the

Google’s algorithm keeps changing all the time. However, move of search

engine ranking in the wrong direction is never welcomed.

How can one stop a slight dip from turning into a nose dive and getting lost

in organic search?

You can save your ranking by being proactive and being attentive while

troubleshooting and move the needle in the correct direction.

These steps will help you find out the crux of the problem and fix it and get

your ranking back on track.


Check the Basics of Your Website

When you implement advanced strategies to improve the performance of

your website, it is all too easy to forget about the basic, which are equally

important if not more.

You may think that the problem is with link velocity, anchor text ratio or

citation optimization, but the answer to the problem is available directly on

your website.

200 Status code is an indication that it is possible to communicate

successfully with your website. A successful HTTP request is a sign of

standard 200 Status code.

To make sure that your website is returning a successful request you can

make use of free tool such as HTTP Status Code Checker. In case there is a

problem, you can troubleshoot depending on the failed status code received

such as 410 (page removed permanently) or 404 (page not found).

Check The Basics of SEO

Basic SEO elements have taken a back seat as new rules come into play,

however, these elements still have a significant influence. Make sure that

basic elements such as meta description, title tags and headings are not the

reasons for dip in your website ranking.

Are the title and meta tags of your home page are optimized and are they

visible in search results in the correct manner? The title of your homepage

may look simple yet it is quite effective in telling search engines what your

website is about.

Stay Current on Google Algorithm Updates

Quality algorithm Panda and the link algorithm Penguin now form part of the core algorithm of Google and changes take place in them in real time. You will have to remain active to keep yourself current with the latest changes.

Even a small tweak can affect the ranking of your webpage. You can keep yourself current with the latest happening from Google by following Gary Illyes of Google and influences such as Barry Schwartz and Danny Godwin.

You can go to Twitter in case you are not able to find good information. In case other webmasters are in a panic mode, there is certainly something new has happened.

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