Where Can I Get The Best Price On An Elliptical?

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When it comes to purchasing an elliptical trainer you have four choices in where to buy:

1. Mass Merchant

2. Fitness Specialty Store

3. On-line Distributor

4. Used from a private individual

I would discourage you from option 4 since quite frankly, it’s very risky to purchase a used elliptical trainer. By their nature, elliptical trainers can be expensive to repair and you most likely won’t receive any kind of warranty with a used elliptical. So be careful.

A fitness specialty store will carry the higher-end costing upwards of $ 1000 and well beyond. They will carry light commercial to commercial-grade elliptical trainers such as Precor, Life Fitness, SportsArt, and others. These are excellent brands and I encourage you to at least have a look at them since quality is extremely important when considering trainer. This will also provide a basis on which to judge other elliptical trainers.

You will most likely find knowledgeable sales people in fitness specialty stores, but not always the lowest prices. The salespeople typically work on a commission basis and you may find them to be on the aggressive side. However, don’t let that deter you from test-driving and researching at these stores. Just don’t get pressured into buying just yet.

Mass Merchants such as Wal-Mart, Sears

The Sports Authority, and Dick’s Sporting Goods carry the lower-end ellipticals. You can find some good values ​​here, but it’s extremely important to understand exactly what you’re getting. Elliptical trainers in this price range can wind up costing you more that you expect in repairs and down time. I don’t recommend any elliptical trainer that retails for under $ 500.

Though it may be tempting to go for that $ 150 elliptical machine from

Wal-Mart, you may wind up regretting it soon after you get it home. The salespeople at these stores, though typically friendly, aren’t always the most knowledgeable about elliptical trainers and the quality behind them.

If you are sold on elliptical trainers from ICON Health and Fitness such as Nordic Track, Reebok, and ProForm then I highly recommend that you purchase it from Sears. In fact, you may want to purchase it from the Sears on-line store . You can even purchase your Sears on-line and pick it up at any of their retail stores. Sears has a good reputation for handling repairs and exchanges during the warranty period.

Some of the best deals on elliptical trainers

can be found on-line. Besides frequent sales, on-line distributors often provide free shipping and free extras for over a certain price. Having the delivered right to your door can be a huge help since you won’t have to schlep a large, heavy box home as is the case if you purchase from a mass merchant.

To best answer the question – “Where Can I Get The Best Price On An Elliptical?” – is to try elliptical trainers off-line and buy on-line for the best deals.


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