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High converting websites don’t have to break the bank. Our team of experts works with you directly to design a custom plan & budget that fits your needs.


Simple & Effective Web Design

We build great looking websites that are affordable and intended for a very specific purpose -Web Design- generating leads & increasing conversions.

We believe properly built lead capture websites must be responsive (mobile friendly), easy to navigate with easily accessible information, be lightning quick & have great content with clear calls to action to encourage users to take action!

Web Design


Your brand is more than just a logo (although that’s a very good place to start). It permeates across everything you present to the world. Let us help you create a brand that not only differentiates your organisation in today’s crowded market place, but is a powerful asset that you can be proud of in years to come. We love working on brand development projects. That’s because it gives us an opportunity to really find out what makes your organisation and market tick. We’ll do some serious super sleuthing before unleashing our creative powers on your company’s brand identity. We can design you an unmistakable logo and then show you how your new brand identity can be translated across chosen mediums. With a clearly defined brand strategy in place, your organisation will be primed and ready to take your market by storm.


From logos to landing pages and everything in between, Social Media 55 web design and development experts will work with you hand-in-hand and craft a website that is sure to be the talk of your industry and set you apart from your competition. Developing a user experience that allows for your users to receive the sort of value and content they’re looking for is very important. This ensures that your website and its content get new visitors and return visitors constantly. Whether you’re looking for UI/UX, HTML, CSS Development, Blog Design, RSS Integration, Social Media Integration, Content Development, Website maintenance, the team at Social Media 55 have all the right skills to get the job done. A proper website should take into consideration everything from webpage layout, content production to graphic design. Too often web design companies do not take into consideration the direction and feel their clients are going for, that causes for a very general and broad web identity. This is the last thing a company should strive for when trying to become the number one provider in their industry.

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Our web design projects follow a comprehensive five-step process: Discovery Phase We will meet with you to get a clear understanding of short-term and long-term needs and goals. We will conduct an audit of your existing website, research competitor websites, and evaluate target demographics. Once we have a clear conception of your requirements and objectives, we begin to sketch together a plan and create a sitemap to outline the overall website structure.
Creative Phase This is a collaborative process between the designer and you. We keep you involved and informed throughout the design and conception phase to ensure your vision is realized in terms of aesthetics, user experience, and performance. We will not move forward to the next phase of the process until you are completely satisfied with the proposed concept.
Technical Phase Now that you have approved the designs, we advance to the development phase. We will program your site to bring the design vision to life. This is an intricate process that we execute with precision and attention to detail, using up-to-date best practices in modern web design and SEO.
Review & Testing Phase The web design team will coordinate with the SEO, Marketing, and Content Specialists to ensure the website is fully optimized, functional, and engaging. This is an opportunity to unveil any potential glitches and hiccups and iron them out before launch. Launch Phase Now you’re ready to show off your new website to the world, but we will continue to coordinate with you post-launch to ensure the accuracy and functionality of your website. Browse through our gallery of custom-crafted websites: