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Audio Books for Learning English, My children’s knowledge of the English language is far better than their friends’. The only reason for it is the fact that they are using audio books for English. My elder son has just finishing listening to the last Harry Potter audio book. Of course he became a great fan of the story. I got him the original script along with the audio book so he can search for words he can not understand within the book. this Harry potter audio book was a book on tape and consisted of several 30 minutes audio book cassettes.

Students all over the world are learning English using audio books. Audio books are the most effective way of learning English. It is well known that the best way to learn a new language or to improve the existing knowledge of a language is listening or talking the language.

Learning English by using audio books broadens the vocabulary, helps understanding rapid speaking but more than all it is the only method that helps you learn the right pronunciation.

Using audio books to learn English is quite easy. You should only get audio books on Cd, books on tape or download audio books (You can also download free audio books).

You should find an audio book that best suits your needs. If you are a beginner, The speech should be clear and slow. I also recommend getting an audio book with more than one speaker.

I consider myself as a relatively good English speaker. Yet, listening to the English audio book version of Crime And Punishment by Feodor Dostoyevsky was not easy. I listened to each of the three audiobook cds at least a couple of times. I enjoyed broadening my vocabulary with rare words and listening to the british accent.

Henry James wrote : “Summer afternoon, Summer afternoon… The two most beautiful words in the english language”, so get your children the harry potter audio books on cd, get out for the summer afternoon and let him enjoy learning english using audio books.

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