Ten Ways to Enjoy Singlehood

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Enjoy Singlehood, A woman’s identity and self worth do not depend on her marital status. To be single is not a tragedy. It is now becoming the trademark of a ‘super woman,’ whose eyes are focused on the highest rung of the corporate ladder. She walks tall in her self confidence and is warm, friendly and humorous.

Some women are single by choice. Careers and economic independence

leave no time for permanent relationships. They grow up with new sets of

values and want partners who can live up to their expectations. Besides, the

New Age Morality has made sex easily available, without commitment or responsibility. Some may choose to be celibate and devote their lives to God.

Some are single because of circumstances. Responsibility of looking after

parents and young siblings, chronic ill health or physical disability,

financial constraints and inability to pay dowry, are some of the reasons.

Divorce, death of a partner or separation, leave behind many single mothers who bravely move on with their lives.


Because Marriage (in spite of its present shaky status) is the societal norm,

people tend to spread myths about the state of Singlehood. Some believe

singles are selfish and self centered and don’t want to share their lives with

partners. Some think they are dull and socially inept. Traditional women

feel they are incomplete without a spouse.

Whatever the reason, remaining single does not detract from one’s

sexuality, neither does it make one undesirable as a woman.

If you are a single woman here are ten valuable hints to celebrate your Singlehood.

– Be self confident and show the world you are capable of managing your affairs. You don’t need a man to validate your worth.

– Be well groomed at all times. Dress to look distinguished but not flashy. The choice of colours must enhance your looks and your style should confer poise and grace.

– Be cheerful. It is very true that when you laugh the world laughs with you; But when you weep, you weep alone.

– Be well informed about contemporary issues. Keep abreast of the times. It helps you stay young and vibrant. Pursue personal goals like studies, languages or music, and cultivate new hobbies.

– Be careful in money matters. Learn to manage your finances wisely, and live within your means. Always put something away for a rainy day. Beware of con men who seek out rich, single ladies to prey on.

– Be socially inclined. Cultivate warm friendships with people of your own age who have similar tastes and hobbies. Avoid gossip mongers or chronic grumblers. They will depress and demoralize you.

– Be open to relationships with the other sex. Relate to men positively. Healthy friendships are possible as long as you don’t think every man is out to woo you or to conquer you with evil designs.

– Be proud of your sexuality. It has to do with your entire personality and how you relate to others. It makes you a warm, loving, understanding

woman irrespective of your marital status.

– Be a good steward of your time. Creative drives and energy can be

channeled into hobbies. Reading, writing, painting, music, or theatre are

fulfilling activities.

– Be useful to society. Look around and see where you can help others with

your talent, time or money.

Someone said, “Being single is not second rate. Singleness is not a disease

that can be cured by marriage. For many people it is a sacred calling.”

The secret is to accept your status and grow by drawing on the vast resources of love, kindness, compassion and patience within you.


Source by Eva Bell

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