How to Make Your Own Subliminal Recordings

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Subliminal recordings are actually quite easy to make. Sure, as with anything technical, there’s some mystique surrounding their creation but you can safely ignore that kind of voodoo and just create your own messages to help change things for the better in your life. Because naturally you wouldn’t be doing this for less-than-honorable purposes.

Write down your message

This is the most important part of the process.

You need to take time with the words you want to record and play to yourself subliminally.

Aim for between 10 and 20 affirmations that you want to use to improve your life.

Keep the focus on one main subject rather than being scatter-brained about this!

Affirmations need to be written in positive words. They can be in the present tense – that works well. Or they can be in the future tense – that sometimes works but isn’t as good as a present tense affirmation.

Another way is to include the words “I allow myself to” in your affirmations. That’s an excellent way to put the words you’re going to record into the present tense without causing a disconnect when your subconscious mind hears the words.

Start recording

The program I use to do this is called Audacity.

It’s free but is very well supported and works like a charm.

You can get very technical with it – I’ve seen paid-for software that has less functionality – but in practice you’re only going to need a handful of functions.

The first is the record button (I told you it was easy!).

I find it best to read the affirmations I’m about to record out loud a couple of times before I start recording.

Then read them out loud, pausing for a few seconds between each.

Once you’ve read out your affirmations, press the stop button.

Then select the recording and use the built-in copy and paste function of Audacity to repeat them the necessary number of times until your audio is the length you want. Ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes all work well.

Save your track.

Just in case.

Then select your whole track and choose the Effect menu. There’s an option called “amplify” and you’re going to use that to reduce the volume of the track – experiment and choose a level that is barely audible.

Then add a backing track.

I like to use a royalty free track. You can pick these up cheaply on Amazon or there are sites offering them for prices from free upwards.

Add the backing track as an extra track in Audacity. Then save again – it’s a computer program, so saving option is always sensible.

Then export the track in MP3 format.

Keep the specification of the MP3 as high as possible – MP3 is what’s known as a “lossy” compression which means that it saves hard disk space by getting rid of things we don’t consciously hear. Which can include your subliminal track if you get too aggressive with the settings that affect file size.

Then it’s just a matter of putting the track onto your MP3 player and pressing “play”.

Congratulations, you’ve just created your very own personalized subliminal recording!

Source by Trevor Johnson

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