How to Make Holiday Magic

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Make Holiday Magic, The holidays can sometimes feel like one long list of obligations. You have to figure out which gifts to get for whom and how much you can afford to spend. have to write holiday cards / notes / emails at least to some people, once again figuring out what to whom.

You have to figure out which relatives / friends you have to entertain

, spend time with, tolerate, try not to argue with. You have to travel at the worst possible time of year given weather, traffic jams and airport / train station chaos. You have to jam your ordinary chores in with all the not-ordinary chores such as when are you going to find all that time to go shopping? Not to mention dealing with demanding, unruly, hyper children / grandchildren all along the way …

Ah, the holidays! But here’s the thing: the more you come at the holidays with a “have to” “got to” approach, the more harried and stressed you will be. Instead, if you adopt a “want to” “get to” approach, everything will go much better for you. Make Holiday Magic

So before you dash off into the rain / sleet / snow / traffic to do whatever it is, take a moment to sit down and reflect how you view the holidays and what they really mean to you. That’s the first step.


What do you want to do in terms of gift-giving?

There’s a world of difference between “I want to get Aunt Julia something

she’ll really enjoy” and “I have to get Aunt Julia something decent.” Which

feels better?

“I want to get my 5 year old a present she’ll enjoy and I have $ 20 to spend

on her gift,” versus “I have to somehow manage to get my 5 year old

something she’ll like on just a measly $ 20. ” Both are true statements, but

one is likely to cause you anxiety  and stress, the other will inspire you with

positive motivation. Make Holiday Magic

Second, begin to practice the “I want to” approach with anything and

everything. “I have to cook” becomes “I want to make something delicious

for my family.” “I have to visit 3 sets of relatives in one day” becomes “I want to spend a fun couple of hours with each set of my relatives.”

The more you practice the “I want to” technique, the easier it becomes. All of a sudden, lo and behold, the holidays become the magic they were always meant to be. Make Holiday Magic

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