How To Make A Twitter Bot In Five Minutes

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Twitter Bot, Twitter is a fastest growing social networking website which

has some interesting features that make it completely different from other

social networking websites. One of the fantastic features is Twitter Bots

which are actual bots who help you to work for you while you are offline like a personal assistant.

These bots can do so many things like grammar checking, follow users,

retweet and even DM which is cool right? You can ask these bots and they

will respond you like Google Assistant & Siri. But you have to ask them with

the perfect manner! Otherwise, they did not respond. For that, you have to create Twitter Bots and configured it.

These bots can automatically favorite or retweet tweets if it is matched with

certain criteria. You have to define criteria so bots can easily follow your

commands. You can also set auto-reply when anyone follows you or send

him DM. You will see on Twitter while following some prestigious brands or famous person! After following them you will automatically receive a DM like “thanks for following us!”

The best part about these bots are, you don’t need to code or something, you can configure Twitter Bots easily within 1-2 mins.

How to Create Your Own Twitter Bot?

These bots actually working on basic principle, you have to specify a

keyword and choose an action and then bots will find all tweets that match

with a particular keyword and perform the action. So, it’s so simple and you can also create these Bots by yourself without any code.

For that, you have to create an account on Twitter, If you have one then log in with your username please make sure this account will work as a bot! Now, go to the, sign-in with your account and create a Twitter Application. Give the app name, and proper description and insert your website URL, Agree to the terms and conditions, developer terms submit the form.

Now, your Twitter Application is ready but by default, the permission is

Read and Write which means your bots can only read tweets and write

tweets but they can’t DM [Direct Message] to anyone. Like Facebook

Messenger widget for website allows customers to DM you. That makes easy

for you. So, you have to change the permission for that, click on Modify App Permission and change it to Read, Write and Access Direct Messages.

Now, you have to need Keys and Access Tokens to configured Twitter Bots. For that, click on Create My Access Token. Twitter will generate some keys and tokens.

How to Configure Twitter Bots?

Open and Twitter Bots app will open. Enter the

keys and token which we previously created. Now, enter a keyword or some

task which you want to give to bots. If you want to DM your new follower

by bots then enter your username of the Twitter account in the Twitter

Search box. Choose an action, DM Followers and enter the message which

you want to give to your new followers. Once you were done, click on Save and Check it if you want. Now, your Twitter account is running as a bot. You can ask these bots to perform any action and they will respond you like Google Assistant & Siri. You can create only one bot on the free account but if you want more to perform some more actions for that you have to purchase the premium version.
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