How To Learn A New Language Using Your Favorite Book

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How To Learn A New Language Here’s a quick tip how I intuitively picked up, that can help you quickly pick up and adapt a new language for the conversational purposes.

In order to start mastering a language you’re trying to learn, you must read and write in that language. But the funny thing is, most of us learn new languages ​​to be able to speak it. That’s how babies learn to speak a language also, by actually trying to speak.

So when I moved to the US I was desperate to speak English. And one day out of nowhere I got this idea. I thought if I could only read an entire book, even a small book in English, I’d experience just about all aspects of the language, proper grammar on a practical level, sentence structure and construction, dialog, description of things and I ‘ ll go through about 50,000 words, which in reality is about 2000-3000 words, many words repeat in books. And 2000-3000 words is more than enough to start the process of communication in that language. I thought to myself I’d be able to say stuff. How To Learn A New Language

But the big problem was I wouldn’t know the meaning of the words I’d read. I also realized that by stopping and checking the meaning of each word I did not know would take me forever. I needed a quicker fix, and when I thought about it little more, I came up with a solution, a strategy, kind of a hack.

This was a big idea. How To Learn A New Language

If I read a book that I already have read in another language that I know, I’d know the story very well, I’d know the characters, the settings, so I would have a general idea all the visual images that the book is communicating and all I have to do is associate the English words those visuals.

So here is what I did.

I read my favorite book, which is still my all-time favorite book, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. I read the book multiple times in Russian before. It’s a wonderful story and a quick read, I love that book.

So I read in Russian again, and right after I finished it, I started reading in English. How To Learn A New Language

It was really difficult in the beginning, but because I knew the story and was able to guess a lot of the words and did not have to stop to check words. I just powered through it.

Right after I did that once, I did it again. The idea was if I master the content of this one book in English I can actually talk to people. So I did it again.

I repeated that process three or four times. I read “The Alchemist” in Russian and right after I read it in English. I read it in Russian and then right after I read it in English.

To my surprise, I leapfrogged in English, it worked. I started actually to speak the language good enough, to have conversations and apply for decent work. Obviously, I never stopped learning the language, but that was a turning point for me.

Keep in mind, I only knew a handful of sentences in English, and after doing these process I was able to hold a conversation. I continued that process with other books until I got proficient enough to take classes and start writing.

Just a quick tip for you, try it maybe it’ll work for you too. But remember you got to have fun, so pick a small book that you really like, and enjoy the process.

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