Healthy Body and Healthy Mind Lead to Good Life

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Healthy Mind Lead, A healthy life is important to lead a good life. Our health is like a wall pre-requisite to draw a picture. We are the architect of our own health. Either we prevent being unhealthy or cure the damage already done. Physical fitness is very vital. Fitness is a relative term. A sprinter should have a different degree of fitness as compared to a music teacher. There are many more dimensions one can bring to define fitness. Depending upon the required level of fitness, one should take appropriate steps.

More than five billion people live in this world.

The body constitution of each one of us is different. The calories needed for

every individual is different. There is no one common prescription for

everyone in this world. Let us take few examples. The energy level needed

for a professional designer is different from a taxi driver. To prescribe a

laborer to grab a cereal bar for breakfast is ridiculous. My dad’s friend, a

chain smoker died at the age of 83! Believe me, I observed him leading a

healthy life. I am not recommending you to smoke to live a healthy life. I try

to drive home the point that you should not get carried away by exciting

information that is available around you and go overboard to apply in your

daily life also. That is dangerous to a healthy life.


While we cannot have five billion suggestions for physical fitness and

healthy life, we can identify common needs for all of us. Whether you are

an Olympic champion or an office clerk; a celebrity or a hair dresser, only

three appropriate steps have to be taken by you. Look at your eating habit,

physical fitness exercise and exercise for the mind. You can build further

with many bolts-on to achieve laurels in life.Healthy Mind Lead

We can use our common sense to lead a healthy life.

It does not require great knowledge about science or medicine or physical

exercise. Leave that to the specialists. We are all aware that food is very

important for sustenance. Our body is a mysterious workshop containing

various machines. Food is its input. The machine processes the food and

provides energy to the body to do our daily life activities. If the input to the

machine is more than its capacity to process, obviously the machine will

break down. If the quality of input to the machine is not conducive to the

construction of the machine, again the machine will collapse. Apart from

the quality and quantity of intake, we should pay attention to timing. There

is a saying. I am sure all of us know this. We should eat breakfast like a

prince. In the after noon, we should eat lunch like a king. In the night, we

should eat a meal like a beggar. The digesting power during the night is

very poor. Also there is no physical activity involved in the night when we

sleep. So allow the stomach t be half filled. Have your dinner couple of

hours before going to bed. When we wake up in the morning, if we take a

glass of water, it helps for the body to hydrate to prepare for the day’s job.

How we cannot start our car with 4th gear, the same way we should

consider our body. After 10 hrs of empty stomach when we break the fast,

we should start with simple and easily digestible food. Basically we should

start with first gear and move on. In my view, to have physical fitness, 3

times of intake – morning, afternoon and night is sufficient. Perhaps

refreshment between lunch and dinner can also be incorporated. The key

driver is to scrupulously follow the routine timing of intake. This is a good

recipe for a healthy life.Healthy Mind Lead

Our stomach is the origin for all our ailments.

Even the main reason for bad breath originates from the stomach only. If

we do not take care of our stomach and brush our teeth with costliest tooth

paste and wash our mouth with most expensive liquid mouth wash, the bad

breath will not vanish. We should keep our stomach clean by taking

appropriate quantity, quality of food in routine timings. It is easier said

than done but not impossible. You know who is the culprit? It is our tongue.

If we pay heed to the taste, then we would not be able to control the

quantum. It does not mean that we should not enjoy the taste. In fact the

tongue contributes to a great deal for healthy life. When we enjoy food, we

feel good. Feeling good is a sign of healthy life. If someone asks you to take

only green vegetables to have physical fitness, there is no difference

between us and herbivores. But the trick is not to cross the limit of

moderation. That will be counter productive. Give importance to the taste

but be careful. We should eat to live and not live to eat.Healthy Mind Lead

Many of us believe that being slim leads to a healthy life.

One of my friends is slim but has cholesterol. It is a wrong notion. The body

structure of each one of us is different. An elephant should not try to

become a horse. Nature has created that way. What is important is to

prevent becoming over weight or obese or under weight. If the damage is

done, consult a specialist to get back on track. Do not perform any physical

fitness exercise without the proper guidance of a physical education expert.

Sometimes you are the expert of knowing your own do-s and don’t-s. The

first day when I went to learn Tai Chi, Chinese version of Yoga, the master

told me to rotate my neck clockwise and anticlockwise as a warm up

exercise. However I was earlier told by my orthopedic surgeon not to rotate

my neck to recover from a type of spondylities I had. What was good for

others did not suit me. There will be many such situations where we should

use our wisdom. Especially we have to be careful on physical fitness

exercise.Healthy Mind Lead

Life is a series of experiences.

If our experiences are good we say the life is good, otherwise we say the life

is bad. Mind determines whether an experience is good or bad. Healthy life

is achieved by the combination of healthy body and healthy mind. Mind

does not exist in our brain. Mind is a subtle matter manifests in our astral

body between our soul and physical body. The food we eat is converted into

energy by the blood and the finest particles of food reach the subtle mind

and then to still subtler intellect. While healthy food definitely supports for

a healthy mind, nevertheless exercise to the mind is also very important to

have a healthy life. Yoga is considered to be one of the best forms of giving

exercise to the body and mind. A branch of Yoga has physical fitness

exercise also. Meditation is another form of giving healthy exercise to the

mind. These have to be practiced with the help of specialists. This is the

body-mind-intellect complex. A simple but effective understanding and

application of the above will go a long way to attain a healthy life.

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