GRAPHIC DESIGN​, A brand is an identifying mark or collective impression on those who come in contact with a company and/or its products or services. Branding is the act of positioning, creating an identity, messaging and setting standards.


GRAPHIC DESIGN​  is the use of images, typography and design elements to communicate visual concepts.

We create logos and brand elements to enhance the visual representation of your brand or identity. This could include the design of a logo that represents your business services and values or the development of branding assets for application in presentations and marketing material.


As the face of your brand and the welcome mat to your home, your website presence is the very first impression that your prospects and customers use to determine your value. It is by far the most important front facing component in the business world today, and the bull horn that you use to announce everything from company offers to exciting updates and special promotions. Look, we’ve all been to that party, the one where the host forgot to order the right food, set out enough drinks and expressed a lack of understanding for the guest list he was trying to cater. Your website represents you, your brand and your company’s values. A sloppy and unwelcoming site is an open invitation to the outside world that you could care less about their business and their money. Luckily, at Social Media 55, we know how to create some incredible parties and hosting these sorts of bashes is our forte


What do you need to know about our design services? Firstly let us reassure you that we can design literally any printed or digital medium that you might need. The list is almost endless but includes logos, stationary, websites, e-newsletters, brochures and calendars, through to vehicle livery, exhibitions displays, packaging and point of sale. You name it, we’ll design it. Something else you need to know about us is that we don’t want you to waste your hard earned money. That’s why we start by donning our consultative hats to make doubly sure that what you think you need, will actually achieve your objectives. Once we begin the design process we are confident that we can translate your ideas into something that far surpasses your expectations. What’s more, we don’t just ‘design and go’. We follow up on all our projects. Not only because we like to hear that we’ve helped you achieve success, but so that we can benchmark our progress and do even better next time! We’re proud of the incredible number of customers that have been using our design services for over ten years. That speaks volumes about what we do. Our design team is always happy to take your call.

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Brochure Design

From covers that catch the eye to inside spreads that guide the reader on a journey, a Creative Harmony brochure is designed to communicate with clarity. And it will look and feel a natural part of your brand’s marketing mix
Creative ‘print design’ is a big part of what we do and our experience in high-end print production has given us a breadth of knowledge in print finishes, materials and techniques for print. We also have established links to trusted digital and lithographic printers. Branding is much more than just a logo design, it is the personality of your business and key to portraying a professional image. It ensures consistent identity across all aspects of your business and media. We produce comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure your brand remains correct and as required on every project as your business grows