Elliptical Trainers and Sports Injuries

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Elliptical trainers are not only good for keeping fit but they can also aid you in recovering from a sports injury.

Recently while playing racket ball I sprained my knee and pulled one of my quads.

I used the ice packs to get the swelling down but the stiffness started to be a problem.

I needed to loosen things up but everything I was attempting resulted pain or discomfort.

After about a week rest I got on my elliptical trainer and slowly began to work my knee and sore muscle groups.

I took it easy and only did a very slow 15 minute workout.

Elliptical trainers are known for their ability to provide a total body workout without impacting joints,

bones and muscle. This became very apparent as over the next several days I slowly began to get strength and flexibility back into my knee.

I kept the workout sessions to less than twenty minutes. I also applied ice packs after each work out to control swelling. It was painful walking just after my injury but surprising it was less painful using the elliptical trainer.

If you already use an elliptical trainer on a regular basis then you are most likely physically fit and your recovery most likely will be rapid when compared to sedentary individuals. I must say that prior to using my elliptical trainer I called my friend who is an exercise physiologist and physical therapist for advice. He spent about an hour with me to assure that I was exercising correctly. I would strongly suggest that you also consult a medical professional that practices sports medicine before jump on your elliptical trainer for a ride. Failure to do so could lead to a more serious condition or injury.

Again I think that the lack of impact to my knee during the therapy workout made all the difference.

 must say that I think I am recovering fairly quickly.

think in about two weeks I may even be able to do some road work. I probably will hold off on that to reduce the risk of a reinjury.

The elliptical trainer will provide just about the same fitness benefit while protecting my joints.

do miss my racket ball with friends but that will have to wait until next month. I am just glad that I have my elliptical machine to help me to recover.


Source by Jim Kesel

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