Benefits of Hosting LMS on the Cloud

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[ad_1] Before I begin discussing about the Cloud-based LMS and its features, let’s find out what does cloud computing precisely mean. The concept of cloud computing has evolved because of the changing needs and demands of organizations and individuals to do things faster and of course within a short time period.
Technology experts have developed various Cloud-based software’s and solutions that can be installed in a computer’s local server effortlessly and can be used by anyone using the internet. For example, in the case of emails some individuals email using programs installed in their computer like Microsoft Outlook, while others use public email services as offered by Google or Yahoo. Cloud-based services therefore help in creating and conducting events, training programs, and classes with greater ease and efficiency without having to buy, download or install any software or hardware.
Now focusing back on LMS, one has noticed of late that the education industry has understood the importance of cloud computing. Hence, they have started using various Cloud-based Learning Management Systems or LMS to conduct classes without any hassle and stress. Some of the open-source LMS such as Moodle is fast moving up on the popularity ladder for teachers to set up classes or courses in a most cost-effective manner!
Let us now discuss some of the basic features of a Cloud-based LMS.
Cost-effective Solution
LMS is available as “software as a service” (SAAS) solution, making it highly cost-effective. Anyone, anytime can use such a learning platform without worrying about purchasing, installing, downloading, or maintaining any expensive equipment.
Online Registration to Classes
Potential students can easily log onto Moodle or such learning management portals to register for a class. Registration is available 24×7 from any region across the globe. Students just need a computer with an internet connection to start registering their names to initiate the learning process.
Easy Viewing of Course Catalogs
Students can easily view all course catalogs online and search for any useful course material immediately. LMS system makes class courses and resources easily available, round the clock.
Enhanced Interactivity
Students can chat, email as well as discuss about a course or lesson with other students and the teacher in real-time. LMS systems also provide audio/video conferencing facility to make the learning process a more engaging and exciting affair.
Tracking and Reporting
LMS allows instant tracking and monitoring of the progress made by each individual learner against the path set by the educator. The system also helps in quickly reviewing the performance records of each student and preparing reports based on such reviews.
Immediate Capabilities Evaluation
The LMS allows class organizers to evaluate an individual before taking a course, during the course being conducted, and upon the completion of the course. Educators can review the performance of students during all these phases to understand their level of understanding and success. Based on these modes of evaluation, organizers can offer customized courses based on individual learning styles, capabilities and potential.
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